On more than one occasion, Beauty Wonkette has considered smacking one of her body conscious friends who swears that the only reason she goes to the gym, runs, does pilates, and regularly sweats like a maniac is because she wants to be fit and healthy.   Pffft.  Beauty Wonkette does all those things because she wants the body that she wants and wants to keep it.  Beauty Wonkette does not lie.  For her, a peach emoji-level butt is among the most desirable outcomes of regular exercise. Hence the time she spent on the Stairmaster and now on the Versaclimber, and all those squats and lunges.  Sure, most trainers will argue that spot training is not effective (as in you can't get a six pack by doing 300 crunches and nothing else, gorging yourself on pizza every night), the simple truth is that extra work in a specific area, as part of an overall fitness routine, will get you what you want.
Enter business executive-turned-entrepreneur Erika Rayman and her recently launched, glutes-focused exercise machine, The DB Method. The foldable, tiny apartment-friendly resistance contraption ($189) is built to modify your squat so you can target your backside more directly, safely, and yield results in a shorter amount of time.
"It's actually a biomechanially correct machine–you are not ever going to over-extend your knees over your toes," Rayman explains, calling out the most common squat mistake. She says that oftentimes when you do an unassisted squat, your quads are doing most of the work. The DB Method aligns your body so they're alleviated and your butt's muscles are more isolated instead. You get proper form every time, so injury-prone knees catch a break too.
Take it from Beauty Wonkette, a gal who does alot of glute work, this baby works!  You'll know when you feel the burn after just one session.  You can also use the machine to do some extra toning moves to firm your abs and triceps.  It's affordable, well constructed, and doesn't take up alot of space.  Beauty Wonkette loves hers and gives it an A+.....


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