Beauty Au Naturale......

Although it is generally true that Beauty Wonkette is happy naked, that is NOT what we're talking about here. I know that so many of my fellow wonkettes are increasingly concerned about the prevalence of what might be toxic ingredients in the beauty products we use. And, of course, the desire for products that are clean, environmentally friendly, and as natural as possible has been on the rise for quite awhile now.

Well, Beauty Wonkette would be lying if she told you she only used "natural" products. Truth be told, if Beauty Wonkette finds a product that is effective, unless it is proven to be dangerous (i.e. toxic), she will use it and use it happily. But, if Beauty Wonkette can find a comparable "natural" product, even if it costs more, she'll go for it. Recently, RMS Beauty captured Beauty Wonkette's attention.

RMS Beauty's founder Rose-Marie Swift is widely acclaimed in the world of the major rags, having worked for almost all of them (Vogue, Harpers Bazaar etc). She’s also the makeup artist of choice for girls like Giselle. Lesser known is that she recently launched a gorgeous organic makeup collection under the moniker RMS Beauty. As a makeup expert she’s often asked about brands she’d recommend, but having recently dealt with a few health issues herself & understanding the implications of toxic chemicals in our beauty products, she realized there were none out there she felt really confident about. The resulting epiphany sparked the creation of this beautiful new color line that uses live organic ingredients, mineral colors, and Rose-Marie’s vast experience with makeup to produce formulations that actually work. There are no synthetics, petrochemcials, parabens or other nasties. In fact, there’s no artificial anything. Beauty Wonkette has now tried almost the entire line and every product delivered on expectations. Flushes of color for lips & cheeks, bursts of luminosity for skin, unstudied & natural eyes… and everything so super densely pigmented that a tiny amount goes a loooong way. The packaging is elegant, simple, clean, and everything is packaged in frosted glass which has the dual purpose of protecting the ingredients, as well as being able to be recycled. Beauty Wonkette thinks you'll be as pleased as she is. If you try it, let us know what you think!


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