more magic from Beauty Wonkette.....giggle

Ok, if all this magic stuff continues, Beauty Wonkette is going to have to shop for a new wand! (Beauty Wonkette doesn't know who sells magic wands and will just have to google....)

Anyway...... Back to serious business. Ahem.

What happens when you take ancient Egyptian beauty rituals and use them to invent a cream that heals everything from skin blemishes to cracked skin? You have Egyptian Magic, $26 - 4oz.. It’s a truly (not TRULY truly, but truly nevertheless)magical healing cream. Did you just have a new baby (read do you have new stretch marks)? Do you have dry, itching skin from the cold winter months? Need a hot oil massage? Need sun and wind protection? Beauty Wonkette could blather on and on.

This is a one-stop cream for all of your needs, that really works. A true multi-tasker. Why do you think Cleopatra had such amazing skin? This all purpose cream can help heal sunburns, blisters, stretch marks, skin discolorations, chapped lips, and works as a leg and facial hair shaving cream and for a hot oil hair treatment, to name a few. There are about 29 hair and skin issues it helps cure in all. Now if that isn’t an all-purpose cream, I don’t know what is… Madonna, stylist Gucci Westman, Actor Carlos Bernard are the many celebs and people devoted to the magic cream. Check it out. OH! Beauty Wonkette almost forgot to say ABRACADABRA!


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