Lip Service....

If you are a regular reader, you've probably figured out that Beauty Wonkette is obsessively fixated on all things having to do with her pout. Pssssst..... Wanna hear about Beauty Wonkette's HG of the moment?

After winter wreaked some havoc on Beauty Wonkette's lips, she decided it was about time to get them back in shape. Sara Happ's lip scrubs answered the call of duty. One little scoop of this scrub will whip your pout into something smooth, soft, and kissable, and it comes in six flavors like almond crème, vanilla bean, and brown sugar. Better yet, Happ recently launched an after-exfoliator balm called Lip Slip, which smells like almond, jojoba, and macadamia. It hydrates your pout and puffs your kisser, without the sting usually associated with a lip-plumper gloss. Just be careful; when used together, it's hard to avoid licking your lips in public. Grin.

Beauty Wonkette got hers at Beauty Habit.


  1. I usually just use vaseline and let it sit there for a bit and then brush my lips with a (seperate) tooth brush.

    Though they do not smell as nice as vanilla and brown sugar. =]

    Have a good day!


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