Time to go HD.....

With high definition filming taking over Tinseltown, getting celebs ready for their close-ups has never been so vital. So Make Up For Ever's experts teamed up with cinema pros to create a new generation of makeup to withstand the scrutiny of HD technology. The result? Complexion perfection. Designed to make skin seem flawless when magnified 6x by a high-def lens, this simple, three-step system makes it utterly impossible for the naked eye to detect imperfections. Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Kevin Bennett was at the L.A. Makeup Show and was generous enough to show how everyone from the cast of Gossip Girl to Meryl Streep (who seems to be aging backwards lately) gets flawless. He started with Make Up For Ever's HD Primer Gel, then followed it with their foundation (which, btw, comes in TWENTY SIX shades....). He finished with Beauty Wonkette's HG for totally perfect skin - their HD Microfinish Powder... I use Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel as my primer (it is BEYOND AWESOME) and I skip foundation altogether. Quick, easy, and absolutely perrrrrfect!

Beauty Wonkette has praised this HD powder before and probably will again and again and again. Obviously, caking on powder doesn't cut it in the HD world, yet invisible, day-to-night staying power is still a must. While most powders are made of tinted talc or rice that leave behind chalky residue, this HD Microfinish Powder is made of 100% mineral silica beads less than seven microns small. The result is like frosted glass: as soon as it comes in contact with moisture, it becomes invisible. Total magic.

What to do: Dust it on with a large, round brush after applying your foundation (or do what Beauty Wonkette does and skip the foundation).

It's available at Sephora


  1. Hi - Just found your blog via Apocalypstick's blog. I do love this HD Microfinish powder. I have been using it for a while now and it really does make your skin look very finished (but not in a powdery or cakey way)!

    I will have to try using Monistat as a primer. Great tip and less expensive as name brand primers.

    Kepp up the good work! I'll have to go back and read your archives.


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