Beauty Wonkette sings: Summertime and my face is greasyyyy

Beauty Wonkette is very fickle when it comes to the question of toners. To tone or not to tone?!?!?! Ah, Beauty Wonkettes have been pondering this question for centuries... Well, okay, maybe not quite centuries, but for a long time. Beauty Wonkette has never really resolved this and oftentimes asserts that toner just isn't necessary. However, hot weather can also bring with it a problem for those of us with skin that tends to be oily. Increased oil production and shine leaves Beauty Wonkette feeling less than fresh.

To address this ever-present need, Lisa Price, aka Carol’s Daughter, created a specific regimen, called Wash Away the Oil which gently dissolves oil buildup while providing clean-feeling moisture that oily complexions crave. The Wash Away the Oil Toner provides a dose of nature’s grime-fighters: Lemongrass and Meadowsweet to help normalize overactive oil glands as Geranium refines pores and A├žai Berry delivers film-free moisture. It's an incredibly refreshing blend and can be used after cleansing or whenever skin needs a toning boost. The elegant bottle contains a tiny spout for easy pouring onto the cotton ball or swab of your choice, perfect for anytime you want to be shine-free in a snap.

Available at and Sephora


  1. As a makeup artist, and obvious beauty junky, my new favorite skin care of choice is definatly Riversol!! It was created by a celebrity dermatologist, dr.jason rivers, in vancouver bc. Its super hydrating, comforting, soothing, and leaves skin glowing and radiant. Truely a one-of-a-kind skin care line. I absolutly love it!! Its a definate must-have in a makeup artists kit!

    Devan Newman
    *check out the site.

  2. Hmmmm.... Wonkette that I am, I did check out the line. Doesn't look terribly unique to me at all. For what it offers, I'd say it's overpriced, but I'm open to more info Devan.


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